Angel Army Productions

School Visits!

I LOVE visiting schools, talking with kids about my favorite subjects: God and His Angels!  My presentations are bible based and entertaining, geared toward elementary students.  My 17 years as a first grade teacher have me well equipped for read alouds and conversations with 6 year olds and 10 year olds alike. 

About my presentations...

A full day may include up to 6 presentations of 1-3 classrooms at a time. Sessions run approx. 40 minutes, which includes time for Q and A. Please allow 15 minutes between sessions and remember to factor in time for lunch.

If neighboring schools wish to split the cost of a full-day visit, I can spend the morning at one and visit the other in the afternoon, giving 3 presentations at each school.

Many schools have a book sale to help offset the honorarium. I am happy to sign books during my visit. I sell books myself and offer pre-order forms to send home to parents ahead of time. Ordering information is included in my author packet, which I will send if you are interested in booking an author visit.

For fees and schedule information, please e-mail me

I hope to see you soon!