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The Dose consists of happy coffee or chocolate and the xanthomax capsules (the capsules are xanthohumol, derived from the hops flower and turmeric which are both very bitter so they keep it separate to not ruin the taste of the coffee).  With the coffee or chocolate, its ok to add your sweetner, creamer, etc - 0h and we do have a 30 day $ back guarantee so its a no lose for you - you can use it and if you weren't happy (which I've not had happen) you could get a refund...

Pricing: The Does combo runs $105/month supply OR $95 if you sign up for smartship which is an auto monthly reorder (with no contract so you can cancel at anytime).  It works out to roughly $3.50/day but you won't need to stop for cappuccino anymore, you won't crave sweets or fast food anymore, so you will probably save money!!! Please text any questions you may have, I am happy to help!!! Gina

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Since July I have been blessed to be a part of  a company who is spreading Happiness!  

Our product is an all natural plant based supplement that comes in an instant Coffee or Hot Chocolate (the chocolate is the non caffeine version).  So when you drink this each morning, you get a daily dose of feel good and its all healthy for you!  It has been a life changer for us, I feel like I'm 25 again, my energy and focus are increased, brain fog is gone and I can multitask like a boss!  Less sugar cravings and a smaller appetite have been an added bonus resulting in a 20 lb weight loss so far!!!  With the natural anti-inflammitories that are in it, Mark hasn't had to take ibuprofen for back and neck pain and I haven't needed headache medicine since we started drinking this!!!  If you feel like this is something or someone you know could be blessed by, please feel free to watch these videos and ask me any questions you may have, I'm here to help! text anytime 319-931-5725 or friend me on facebook to send a message!  MarkGinaBurns

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