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We All Have Guardian Angels is the perfect book to read to your young children or grandchildren to let them know about their Guardian Angels love!   An excellent gift idea for anyone with children! 

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                                                          As a child, we had a beautiful innocence to believe even when we couldn't                                                           see.  This included the beauty of our protective Guardian Angels.  As we                                                             grew up we were taught that if you could not see it, feel it, hear it or smell it, it must not be.  This was a sad loss of innocence for God and His Angels!  God sends his Angels to deliver messages to us... He has done so since the beginning!  He sent them to lead Moses across the Red Sea and to reveal the upcoming birth of Jesus.  He sends his messengers, the Angels to us still today - God Doesn't Change!
 How amazing if we would continue to hear our Guardian Angels the way He intended us to...the way children can!  We All Have Guardian Angels will encourage you to have those conversations with your children and grandchildren to preserve their innocence and belief in our Divine Protectors!

God's Original Superheroesis the perfect book to teach children the truth about the Angel's Love, Protection and Infinite Desire to do His will, all the time remaining His Humble Servants.  What child doesn't know about Superheroes?  This book is an opportunity to teach them Biblical proof that God's Power and Love shine forth through His Original Superheroes, the Angels!

​God's Original Superheroes has a beautiful message, breathtaking illustrations and supporting Scripture proofs on each page making this children's book entertaining and educational.

Both Books and  Angel Army Bag

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We All Have Guardian Angels book and matching T-shirt (youth sizes S, M, L, XL).  Retail $27.95 - buy now for

We All Have Guardian Angels book and Angel Photo Props make a Great Baby Gift!

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