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Thank you Gina!  Ryder loves it! -Toi​

Gina Burns, Thank you so much for the amazing book, we just read it.  It's absolutely beautiful.  Lils loved it.  She kept calling the angels pretty princesses. -Holly

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Luke 11:28 Jesus replied, "But even more blessed are all who hear the word of God and put it into practice."

As followers, we are called to show others the unconditional love of Jesus.  This blessing has been evident in our lives in so many ways and we want to share that same blessing to others.  Whether we share our artwork which puts daily reminders of God's love into peoples homes... or our ministry sharing His word from Psalm 91 promising protection for all of His believers... we love Jesus and we love to pass it on.  Gina is available for book signings, school author visits and classroom workshops!  Just contact us and let us know what you need.  

Divinely Inspired... 

Many think because I taught school for 17 years, it must have been a dream of mine to write a book, but that's not exactly how it happened!  It was more an answered prayer that God entrusted me with the words to my books.  After praying for over a year for God to use me to further the kingdom, that he woke me in the middle of the night with the words to my first book running through my head... knowing this was something bigger than myself, I got up, went to my desk and wrote the words down.  When the words stopped, I stopped.  I reread the words and it was a perfect story. My next prayer of course was, What do You want me to do with this?  I simply heard "share", and I obeyed.

I'm proud to announce my recent published books, We All Have Guardian Angels and God's Original Superheroes!

These books give children of all ages a sense of protection from all things scary by sharing with them God's truth, His promise of protection in Psalm 91, His Original Superheroes, the Angels.  No longer will children give in to their fears of the dark, things that go bump in the night, or monsters in the closet… by teaching children when they are young God's promise of protection through His Guardian Angels, we give children the power to conquer their fears.  Take this opportunity to teach them Biblical proof that God's power and love shine forth through His Original Superheroes, the Angels. 

About the Author

Gina Burns has been passionate about God’s Angels for a lifetime. She has felt the presence of Angels on many occasions which has encouraged her to learn more about them. Gina believes the Angels to be the most amazing role models for how we should live. Be as beautiful, as peaceful, as loving, as loyal, as caring, as protective, as willing, as strong, and as humble as the messengers God created to do His will.
Gina has been blessed with 5 boys of her own, one whom now flies with the Angels, 2 bonus kids and a second chance marriage to a wonderful man whose unconditional love matches that of the Angels. She spent 17 years teaching first grade and earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration and Leadership before she realized God had a greater plan. After finding new life in Jesus, she humbly prayed… God Use Me. Her willingness to obey His directive resulted in the words to her 1st children’s book, We All Have Guardian Angels. Then exactly 1 year later, He delivered the words to this second book, God's Original Superheroes. Gina endeavors to be like the Angels and follow God’s will. She also encourages you to join His Angel Army here on Earth, make a difference for the kingdom.

Gina Burns, Thank you so much for the amazing book, we just read it.  It's absolutely beautiful.  Lils loved it.  She kept calling the angels pretty princesses. -Holly