Angel Army Productions

Welcome!  We are glad you found us.   Here at Angel Army we encourage others to become familiar with God's word, learning how He used the Angels in Biblical times will help us to know how He is using the Angels today, God doesn't change!  They are His messengers, His servants and the protectors of His children.  We should endeavor to be like the Angels and follow God's will, they are the most amazing role models for how we should live our lives in service to the Kingdom.

My Guardian Angels have made their presence known to me as far back as I can remember.  As a young child, my Angels comforted me when I was scared of the dark, were with me when I was drowned and trapped under a log jam at the bottom of the river after a canoeing accident at age 5, and other countless occasions throughout my life.  I feel their presence daily and I thank the Lord for their protection.  For many, the Angels can bring light to the darkness, become a confidant and friend to entrust with worrries and become a direct line to God for prayer and instant solutions.

Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation? Hebrews 1:14


Welcome to Angel Army Productions!